The Decline of Exact-Match Keywords in SEO

In the old days, exact-match domains and anchor texts ruled search engine results. Users only need to search using the exact keywords. This made business owners and organizations set up sites using popular terms such as ‘teeth whitening’ and ‘prom dresses.’ Many of them filled their sites with keyword-stuffed pages and other spammy content.

This situation is now impossible to maintain these days. Search engines, especially Google, now penalize sites with low-quality content. Google’s latest algorithmic indexing scheme targets websites with exact-match domains and anchor texts. This is because sites with URLs matching popular keywords tend to publish spam to make their rankings higher than they should be.

To live up to its commitment to promote only sites with high-quality content, Google lowered the rankings of this type of sites. A site with non-useful content but with the right keywords could rank on the top results in the years before. Now, these websites are seeing their rankings go down drastically. You need to find out how you’ll be able to follow the new rules with the services of a search engine optimization (SEO) company. Find out more about the following trends and see how you’ll be able to apply it to your site:

Adapting to the New Exact-Match Keyword Rules

Google is now more watchful over the usage of exact-match keywords and domains. Widely used in many articles, online marketing professionals now advise business owners to minimize exact-match terms and replace them with partial-match keywords instead.

You might be featuring ‘birthday cakes,’ on your website, for example. Modify this exact-match phrase to ‘looking for birthday cakes’ or ‘delicious birthday cakes in Town X, City Y.’ This way, the links don’t connect to exact-match keywords yet they help your users find what they’re looking for.

Profiling Inbound Links: A Method for Screening Out Spammy Links

You need to do a link profile audit to make sure your exact-match domain links all direct to authoritative sites with factual and well-written content. This lets you identify which links can be harmful to your campaign. Check all the sites you’ve linked to and determine if their content and links are all trustworthy. Although time consuming, this can help you clean up your linking profile and make sure you link only to other web pages with high trust ratings.

Writing Only Quality Content: How it can Engage Your Visitors

There’s now more emphasis for websites to create high-quality content for their consumers. Make sure you provide informative and interesting articles that are relevant to the needs of your target audience. Scatter around the right number of optimized keywords that comply with current guidelines. This way, you can satisfy your visitors while climbing up the search results.

Exact-match keywords and domains are not the only tools available to help you rank high on the search results pages. Coordinate with companies specializing in SEO services for online businesses and organizations. Learn more from their specialists, so you can create a comprehensive SEO campaign for your enterprise.

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