The Future of TV: LG Announces Plans To Sell ‘First 4K OLED TV’

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OLED TVTech giant LG has finally revealed its giant OLED televisions with 4K ultra-high definition screens, claiming the device is a “game changer.”

‘Most vibrant’

The South Korean company said the curved 65-inch set will hit the market starting September.

OLED TVs have deeper color saturation and a sharper image quality.

LG said OLED is a new TV technology that offers high quality picture over LCD and plasma.

Industry watchers consider the company’s move as big deal, as it can change the dynamics of television market.

“OLED technology delivers the most vibrant and natural on-screen display that can be currently done with available technology,” said Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the Davies Murphy Group consultancy.

Next generation technology 

LG said 4K and OLED represents “the future of television.”

“OLED TVs are expected to overtake LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] in sales within a few years and no company is better prepared for this than LG,” said Hyun-hwoi Ha, president of the company’s home entertainment division.

The first 4K OLED TVs will be available for sale in Europe, South Korea, and North America, which will cost around $11,765.

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Impact of Cyberbullying: Sold to, Agrees to Work with Regulators

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Cyber has acquired the struggling Q&A social media site,, but financial terms of the deal were not announced.

Changes in Safety Policy

New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, says that new owners of the site have agreed to work with authorities.

“Under the terms of the agreement, will revamp its safety policies and procedures,” he said in a statement. “An independent safety and security examiner will be appointed to examine the changes and report on compliance to the Attorney General’s Office for three years.”

The acquisition is intended to stop harassment and bullying among teens on the website.

Cyberbullying Protections is still facing criticisms, as many users complain that the website don’t have safety measures to prevent cyberbullying.

The site has been previously associated to suicides in the UK, which has significantly damaged the company’s reputation in the past few months. Chief Executive Doug Leeds has released a statement, saying he aims to “eliminate” bullying from and will focus on ensuring a safer and more fun experience for users.

Leeds said is required to tackle issues and deal with safety complaints within 24 hours.

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Chinese Scientists Invent Camera To Detect Potential Bombers

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mini cameraChinese scientists are developing new devices to improve national security and avert suicide bombers by introducing a mini-camera that can measure mental stress and signal suspects in crowds.

Professor Chen Tong, an Electronic Engineering faculty member of Southwest University in Chongqing,leadsa team of scientists that inventedthe high-tech camera. According to Hong-Kong based newspaper South China Morning Post, the scientists developed a feature called “stress sensor” that uses “hyper spectral imaging.” This technology allows the measurement of oxygen amount in the blood.

“The higher the mental stress, the higher the blood oxygenation,”Prof. Chen explained.

Police officers can also see a “stress bar” which indicates the stress level of individuals and labels suspects in red.

Ushered in by chaos

The newly developedcamera has the potential to make breakthroughs in theprevention of national threats. It was inventedin the midst of violent crimes and security issues. The police reported that communities were disturbed by “assailants [who] ranged from knife-wielding religious extremists going on rampages in train stations to distraught citizens setting fire to crowded buses.”

“Our technology can detect such people, so law enforcement officers can take precaution and prevent these tragedies,” Prof. Chen said.

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Auto Auction Myths: Nightmares for Novice Bidders

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Auctions are like Disneyland for anyone wanting to drive a quality car for a relatively low price. In this trade, the price of the vehicle is basically up to your bidding skills. You could secure a deal for half the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for if you play it right. In addition, the volume of cars available in auctions is varied by all means. Even if you couldn’t find or fail to take home the vehicle you’d hope for, chances are, you’d see it again on sale the next time.

pre-owned car

Despite all the advantages of buying high-quality cars online through auctions, this would be a lot easier if you know how auctions truly work. Many novice bidders fall victim to glaring misconceptions, which could lead to costly (literally) consequences.

Avoid making rookie mistakes, and uncover the truth behind the popular myths about auto auctions.

Only Lemons are Sold at Auctions

This is probably the most ridiculous erroneous beliefs about auctions. Just because the prices are far lower compared to cars at dealerships doesn’t mean they’re defective. Most cars sold by premier auctioneers are repossessed and previously government-owned. While lemons still find their way in this business, the key is to take part in auctions hosted by organisations with a solid reputation.

Best Cars Attract the Most Attention

True, most participants have an eye for the so called “best buys” at auctions, but there are always gems that get undervalued. Also, the best cars are relative. What others find impressive may not necessarily meet your needs.

Backing Out is an Option for Winners

To think that you could withdraw from the deal after bidding and winning is the worst error you can commit. The moment you shout winning bid makes you legally obligated to pay for the item. This is why you have to bid carefully, wisely and realistically to avoid making irreversible financial commitments.

Auctions are only a friendly place for those who know the rules. Learn the ins and outs of this trade before participating, make clever decisions and finish the day without regrets.

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Advanced Technology Project: LG Aims To Build Giant Flexible, Rollable TVs

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LG_TV'sLG is taking bendable screens to the next level, as it announced the launch of two new paper-thin TV panels, with one that can be rolled up to 3cm and another virtually transparent.

Roll up like a newspaper

LG said it will produce a 60-inch Ultra HD rollable TV by 2017, allowing consumers to easily hide it on home and office walls.

It is claimed that the technology used in the LG display screens is thinner, lighter, and more flexible than conventional TVs.

Flexible displays

Industry experts say the South Korean company’s plans could make televisions used in more creative ways.

“Flexible screens are an exciting prospect. First off, they’re far more durable than conventional screens, meaning that we can expect to see bigger, better screens in, for example, aeroplanes,” said Stephen Graves, online deputy editor at

“They also create the potential for some completely new gadget designs. Imagine a 10in (25cm) iPad that you can fold out into a 16in (40cm) screen – effectively doubling up as a small desktop computer or TV monitor.”

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The Secret to Using Technology

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technologyThe secret to how our species achieved world domination was through the ingenious use of tools, and that tradition of ingenuity hasn’t changed. The landscape through which humanity moves in is drastically different; the principles of success remain the same. The world is dominated by technology, and the only way up is to use that technology as an advantage.

The Possibilities Today

Unfortunately, many people only have a rudimentary understanding of what modern technology can do for them, mainly due to the lack of exposure. The most people know about what they’re capable of comes from direct experience with their computers and smartphones, but most of that is finished product, and only scratch the surface.

Learning about everything that’s possible, and done with the technology at our fingertips can take years of study. There’s simply too much information out there that it’s virtually impossible to compress everything into a single location.

What’s more, nobody will be able to use everything they learn, knowledge is wasted if it’s never used in the first place. The challenge lies in identifying the useful parts that people need to know, and the information they can put aside.

Needs determine means, matching what people need with what they have to do is the first, and most likely, the biggest challenge for any business. Fortunately, websites like breathe technology, and can help people along with what they need the most, deciding needs the first among them.

The Need of Now

The success of any endeavour starts by finding the right tool for the job, after all, no one would try to open a door with a carrot. A business should be able to determine if it needs cloud computing, business intelligence, mobile technology, or internet portals in order to grow.

Reliable businesses are the ones that can provide their services more effectively. The strategy of specialisation is by far more successful than offering a multitude of services that don’t have any discernible connection to each other.

People don’t want variety as much as they want value for their money. Consumers are more willing to pay for the services of an I.T. professional who spends most of his time on computers, than the I.T. employee that moonlights as a sushi chef.

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End Of Plasma TVs: Samsung To Stop Production This Year

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Photo Credits: Lali Masriera from Barcelona, Catalunya | Wikimedia

Samsung has announced its plans to shut down its plasma business by November, blaming the decline in overall demand for its decision.

Last plasma TV

The South Korean tech giant has become the latest manufacturer to announce it will stop producing plasma televisions.

Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, and Pioneer have also announced in recent years to scrap the technology and end production.

Analysts said this means LG is the last major manufacturer of plasma displays.

Future of big TVs

Samsung released a statement, saying: “We remain committed to providing consumers with products that meet their needs.”

The company said it will increase focus on producing curved and ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs.

“It’s not at all surprising that Samsung has dumped plasma,” TrustedReviews editor Evan Kypreos said in a statement. “While plasma is a lot better than LED/LCD TVs in terms of image quality, such as contrast ratio, and motion handling, it has a few drawbacks. Plasma TVs can’t be made a thin as LEDs, for example. People like stylish tellies.”

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NASA Reattempts Satellite Launch To Study Global Warming

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earth-satelliteFive years after a satellite plunged into the ocean after liftoff, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is spending nearly $500 million to launch another one in a mission to monitor global warming and its effects around the world.

NASA will launch the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) in their first attempt to study carbon dioxide levels and greenhouse gases. Last month, scientists at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reportedly faked global warming data.

Mitigate Climate Change

Trees and oceans absorb carbon dioxide, while the rest goes to the atmosphere, causing global warming.

The two-year project has been programmed to specifically pinpoint the location of the forests and oceans that reabsorb the atmospheric carbon.

With the project, scientists can record detailed measurements of carbon dioxide levels, which can help them plan methods to mitigate climate change.

Varying Carbon Dioxide Levels

The OCO-2 will be positioned 705km above the planet, inclined, so that it passes the Earth on the same point every 16 days. The calculation will help the scientists know how carbon dioxide levels vary over a specific period.

“The observatory will use its vantage point from space to capture a picture of where the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide are, rather than our cobbling data together from multiple sources with less frequency, reliability and detail,” Gregg Marland, an American geology professor, said.

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Android Kill Switch: Google, Microsoft To Add Anti-Theft Function

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Microsoft and Google have agreed to add a “kill switch” function to the next versions of their smartphone operating systems.

Cutting crime rates

touchsmartphoneA “kill switch” allows smartphone users to completely disable their device remotely in case it is stolen or lost.

“With the majority of phones still without a kill switch, smartphone-related thefts and violence remain a tragic reality,” according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “Criminals now target devices not likely to be equipped with a kill switch, increasing the importance of immediately implementing the life-saving technology across all manufacturers.”

Theft deterrent technology

Kill switches is expected to be available for 97% of the smartphone market, Schneiderman said in a statement.

Smartphone manufacturers appear to be considering consumers’ demand for anti-theft measures.

Even though the technology is spreading, some older mobile phones can’t or won’t be updated.

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Twitter COO To Leave The Company, Tweets His Resignation

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Twitter Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani has resigned from his job at the company, announcing his move by posting a tweet.


twitter-bird“Goodbye Twitter,” Rowghani tweeted. “It’s been an amazing ride, and I will cherish the memories.”

Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo then responded, saying: “Thank you for being an incredible executive & partner. Twitter could not have succeeded without you.”

This is the biggest executive exit since the microblogging firm went public in 2013.

Rowghani joined the company in 2010 and was named COO in 2012.

Board support

During his tenure, Rowghani was credited for helping the company through its successful initial public offering last year.

According to an unnamed source, Rowghani had been well respected and had been doing great that the board members decided to task the former Pixar executive with fixing the company’s growth issue.

Twitter, however, failed to significantly grow its members that prompted fears from investors.

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